Career Opportunities

We are looking for highly motivated undergraduate and graduate interns to help our company grow toward our vision of delivering novel and impactful technology to first responders.

How to apply:

Please send email to with your resume and portfolio. Subject line should be in the format: Internship Application – [position] (e.g., Internship Application — Mechanical Engineer).

Mechanical/Mechatronics Engineering

Design next-generation tensegrity robots using 3D CAD software. Prototype various designs. Evaluate the systems through controlled experiments (e.g., drop-testing robot from an unmanned aerial vehicle) and document the testing results in detail. Work will focus on the robot’s mechanical structure and tight integration with the sensing electronics.

Embedded Electronics Engineering

Design and prototype scalable Electronics Systems for mass production of next-generation tensegrity robots. Focus is largely on reliable and robust electronic hardware with interesting design constraints for operation in harsh, rugged environments (e.g., disaster sites, chemical leak sites, etc.). Specific systems to be designed involve actuators, gas sensors, wireless transmission equipment, etc. Evaluate the systems through controlled experiments; document the testing results in detail.

UI Design Intern

Designing and testing an intuitive user interface (UI) for operating and interacting with the robot, which includes software UI running on a Chromebook. Deliverables should be motivated by human-centered design methods, such as user studies and interviews.

Software Engineering Intern

Building robotic system software stack — from programming low-level embedded microcontroller to UI design. Emphasis is on reliable and efficient implementation of mid-level Python infrastructure and communication with user interface (UI). Occasional interface with web technologies to facilitate new UI design may be required.

Social Media Content Producer

Promoting awareness of company by cultivating social media presence through various avenues — company website, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube channel, etc. Necessary skills include graphics design and web development. Interacting with and responding to outside public through email and outreach (e.g., organizing demonstrations, talks, flyers, stickers, etc.).

Business Development Intern

Support business development efforts for Squishy Robotics’ expansion into the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) markets. Support primary and secondary research efforts to identify and develop business models, revenue generating activities, and go-to-market strategies.